There Is a Disturbance In the Force

Week 23


We played pool with a member of our ward.


Service at sister Shannon’s cleaning out the garden area.

Quote of the day “if any man be worth to pick up this hammer let him possess the power of Thor”.

We got workout equipment from a member during service.

I promise I am a good cook!

We caught 13 Crappie. 


Exchanges because of MLC

Elder McCoy and I fished with the casting net for exercise time. We caught two fish and had them for lunch. We had some great service that we got to do with different people. Then we had 2 dinners that night because it was kind of a last-minute thing having exchanges.


Elder Webb and I got pulled over it was elder Webb’s first time ever being pulled over we were told we have to get a Texas driver’s license if we are living here more than thirty days.


We watched conference with the Ratliff’s and then with the Richards along with Linda she really enjoyed it too.


We watched conference with the Richards and then we played the Oregon trail they are the sweetest we really feel like they are our family sister Richards said she would adopt us and keep us there forever if she could, she told us we could call her grandma.

Our PDay also got moved to Wednesday.

Notes from Jaden:

We will find out Wednesday if we are transferred, and the transfer is Thursday.

We got a truck this week, it is a silver Frontier Nissan.

We got pulled over for going 10 over. We got out of the ticket, he said I would imagine the church would be mad if you got a ticket, he said to go the speed limit and he walked away hahahah.

Here are some recipes that Jaden sent home, he said “y’all need to try these.




Miracles ( San Antonio, Texas Week 16 )

Week 13

Monday January 16, 2017

Well today for PDay we went and did our shopping then we went and emailed then we went fishing 🎣. But we didn’t catch any thing it was close though we decided we wanted to have a camp fire 🔥 in the fire pit out front of our house 🏡 so we did and we did our daily planning around the fire.

Tuesday January 17, 2017

We finished our planning on the way home stopped at a store to buy marshmallows and an elderly gentleman need to borrow a phone to call. So, we let him borrow the phone to make a call. Then we went on our way then we went home we had a camp fire 🔥 and roasted marshmallows and elder Jacobs made an amazing African chocolate sauce.

Wednesday January 18, 2017

Today was great we went and found a new investigator. He seems great so far. We were actually trying to talk to his neighbors because they were in our area book. So, we knocked on their door but they didn’t answer. So, we knocked on their neighbor’s door because they were in a duplex, we figured they would know each other. He opened the door we asked about the neighbors and said the went to prison hahaha. So, then we got to know him and we taught him about the Book of Mormon he was super receptive, we may try to set something up with him on Friday.

Thursday January 19, 2017

So, we did service today. Painting a wall at our family history center hahaha. They told us one thing and that was to not get paint on the carpet. Well we painted the whole wall. When we were done, we were asked to take off the rollers. So, elder Jacobs was trying to pull them off. Well he was having trouble and we told him it will just slide off, and to try harder hahaha. Well he tried harder and it did slide off, then it flew on to the carpet and rolled across the floor and it painted a large white paint streak on the dark carpet hahahahah. We got the paint out eventually. Then later that day we are at a member’s house and they have like 12 little dogs and they don’t go outside ever not even for the bathroom they have those indoor potty pads. Now this house smelled so bad because of these dogs and makes me want to pass out it is so strong. But I learned it can smell much worse when Elder Webb steps on a pile of dog poop that was in the middle of the room. It wasn’t even on the potty pad. As we taught the member he didn’t even notice the smell at all.




Friday January 20, 2017

We took Elder Jacobs to San Antonio because he is headed home today. On the way, back we got lost and we ended up at the San Antonio Temple haha.


Saturday January 21, 2017

So today was so great we have some audio recordings.   I was unable to attach the audio so I have transcribed what Elder Thompson and Elder Webb sent in the audio’s.

Elder Thompson

Alright so today was the family history event and it was great. We get there hoping for a good turnout and it was a full house in the class, it was fantastic. We had a couple investigators come up and we had a good time. After the family history event, Elder Webb and I decided, let’s go teach some people who are up here in Buchanan. So, we were looking for the Oddy family, and I pick a dot on the map and I say this is where they live and we get there and the person who opens the door says I don’t know who that is. So, we start teaching them.

Elder Webb

Her name is Lynette, come to find out her brother is lds, we gave her book of Mormon and a pamphlet, and we got her phone number to come back. We contacted so many people in Buchanan. We didn’t know there were that many people there. We knocked on the door of the Oddy family, they were gone on a trip. But there was a 20-year-old girl there taking care of the dogs and we talked to her and gave her a Book of Mormon and we set up a return appointment for tomorrow. She is interested and religious. We are seeing so many miracles.

Elder Thompson

Then we were almost out of gas, we thought we weren’t going to make it to a gas station. We turned the corner and we were like there is a gas station, it was a tender mercy. We hadn’t eaten and there was also a café in the gas station, it had like the best food ever.

Elder Webb

Sister Richens and some other sisters all went to the gas station, and we got to talk to them about how it went at the family history event.

Elder Thompson

I learned today that they don’t have fry sauce in Texas, they don’t even know what it is.

We drive home and we go do studies, then we are like ok we need to go to our appointment with Destiny. We head to the appointment, she had forgotten and she was asleep. We set a return appointment for after church tomorrow. We also had an appointment with her neighbors. I think they are going to be Elder Webbs favorite investigators at this point.

Elder Webb

She is the wife of a Spanish guy we talked to yesterday. She is literally on of the nicest people I have ever met, we found out she has 8 kids. She was so enthusiastic and the nicest lady ever. We gave her a Spanish pamphlet and Spanish Book of Mormon, and an English pamphlet and English Book of Mormon. We set up a return appointment. Man, I love missionary work.

Elder Thompson

After those appointments were like let’s pick a random street and go walk around. We are walking down the street and these guys have their music blaring. Elder Webb and I thought we were going to get mugged or something because they had weed out they got cigarettes, they got beer they are just partying on their drive way. These two guys make eye contact and say hey. We just kept kind of walking by. They then turned their music down and then asked hey do you guys have any of those pamphlets.

Elder Webb

Heck ya we have some pamphlets, we gave them the one English one we had, and we went to the car to get more English ones.

Elder Thompson

We were walking down the street and we are trying to go to this person who is in our area book as Ben’s mom. I know we are going down the right street, Elder Webb asks if it’s the right street, I say yes. I see a Volkswagen Beach Buggy sitting on these people driveway that they are standing around, I want to go and talk to them. I lean over to Elder Webb and I’m like let’s go talk to them. We are going to talk cars to get their attention, he says you take the lead.  So, we go up to them and start talking about the Beach Buggy, they got like 12 other cars on their driveway. Kind of reminded me of my family when we had 6 cars on our driveway and only one of them worked. It was great though because we started talking to them they didn’t sound that interested but when we started talking about cars they got more and more interested, it was sweet.

Elder Webb

The older two brothers walked away and started working on a car, but Nick started talking to us a little bit. He was our age or a little older. But we just started talking to him and sharing our message. We believe in a modern-day prophet and we have more teachings and the fullness of the gospel. We invited him to read the introduction of the Book of Mormon. As soon as we gave it to him he started reading, he said it was interesting and that he would read it. I couldn’t stop thinking that we are missionaries with a sacred calling we are 18-year-old kids that are doing this, it is all possible through Jesus Christ and through our Heavenly Father, we are just normal guys who believe in something extraordinary. To be able to talk to this fellow peer who is around our age, we are normal guys who believe in this, it was so cool. Heavenly Father wants us to be us when we talk to others, to let our personality shine. It is so cool that Heavenly Father is so involved in this work. We handed out 6 Book of Mormons today. We got 4 new investigators today. I know this work is true, in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

My New Area (San Antonio, Texas Week 15)

Week 12

Thursday January 12, 2017


Jaden’s new companions Elder Webb and Elder Jacobs       

So today we got to our new area and we are in the area that is the farthest north in the mission. We have the biggest house in the mission; it’s a three bedroom two bathrooms and we are walking distance from a lake that the elders go fishing at sometimes. Today was a good day we taught some new people and they were great. The people up here are really funny hahahaha.



Jaden’s new home


Jaden’s home overlooking the  Colorado River.


The dock by Jaden’s house.


Friday January 13, 2017
Well today was interesting we did service and that was great. We raked leaves
🍃 for a member, they even fed us lunch it was great 👍🏼. Then we went and visited some nice old people. The husband was on hospice he wasn’t supposed to make it through last night, so he doesn’t have much time. After that we went to dinner and well we got lost. None of our maps were working  hahaha. We had to call the member and ask for directions hahaha. Then after dinner they pulled out a bass and guitar 🎸 and played us music hahaha. It was great, they were super old and sweet. They gave us eggs and a toaster oven. Then we started to drive to our next appointment, but we got lost and ended up 40 miles in the wrong direction. We were an hour late to our appointment but they were still grateful to have us.

Saturday January 14, 2017
Today we did service and we helped an man in our ward that’s less active make sausage hahaha, like the whole process. it was really interesting to learn hahaha. He thought I knew what I was doing hahaha. I guess I’m just really good at guessing and lookin like I know what I’m doing hahaha.  They gave us sausages to take home as well as 18 eggs.




Notes from Jaden:

At the airport I was stopped because of my tin of colored pencils haha, but they let me keep them.

The area is super cool, we are in the middle of nowhere.

We have a car, and 1625 miles that we can go.

We are hoping to go fishing for pday today.

Thanks I love y’all I’ll talk to you next week
A church that our church rents for the Branch.


TSAM Ring (San Antonio, Texas Week 13)

Week Ten In Texas


Monday September 26thjaden-week13-photo1 jaden-week13-photo2 jaden-week13-photo3

We did Service at the Ronald McDonald House.

Well I bet you already know what I’m going to type next hahaha yeah that’s right I crashed my bike 🚲. So it’s kind of sad I have crashed more than the other three elders combined hahaha. It does now hurt to straighten my right arm and then I almost got hit by a car 🚗 that is number 3, ah 3times I’ve almost been hit and all weren’t my fault haha. I am at A totally of 11 bike crashes😂🚲

Tuesday September 27th

Today I didn’t crash but I did get my bike back today I also found a smartphone that had been in a puddle hahaha.

Wednesday September 28th

Today we were sitting around at lunch and I told one of the elders that I would buy him a ring for our mission (TSAM ring) but first he had to eat all of the terrible flavored jelly beans he said yes. But after many dead fish 🐟 flavored jelly beans he was throwing up in the toilet, then he came back and finished off the remaining 9 jelly beans. We had a ton of fun watching hahah.



Thursday September 29th

I am really sick 😷 today I can’t remember what happened today.

Friday September 30th

We did weekly planning today and not much else happened.

Saturday October 1st

Today we were at the church all day. We ordered pizza. We were in charge of the broadcast of general conference at the stake.

Sunday October 2nd

Today we were at the church all day we were in charge of the broadcast again. We had lunch at the church, we found two roaches in the kitchen so I threw one a way and hit the other one out the door 🚪

I Tore My ACL…Again (San Antonio, Texas, Week 12)

Week nine in Texas

Monday September 19th

Well today we didn’t have PDay because we are gonna have it on Thursday but today we didn’t really get to talk to anyone we talked to a member that had just gotten back in town. Then we went around to potential investigators with no success, but this morning we did do service and power washed someone’s drive way.

Tuesday September 20th

Today was a really slow day after training and during lunch my companion tried to fix his bike tube. Well I took a nap hahaha, he woke me up an hour later. Saying we have to hurry to Walmart, it will only have enough air till then. So we hurried and sure enough he was out of air when we parked. Then We went in and got a new tube and I thought I would be nice and let him use the co2 pump hahaha. Well after trying to use it we realized the cartridge was not put in hahah. So I flipped it around and started to screw it in. Well I heard the click as it was punctuated and I hurried to screw it in, but I did a little cross threads at the beginning and then all I heard was a loud bang and a white cloud as it shot apart in my hand hahaha. But the threads are fine on the pump.

Wednesday September 21st

Today we were able to set another investigator with a date we had a really cool lesson. He is going to be baptized on October 22nd🎯. We did weekly planning so we didn’t have a ton of time today.

Thursday September 22nd

So today we went to the temple it was cool 😎. Then we went to the doctor I found out I have a torn ACL. I believe I tore it like six months ago there were three times at Danik that I was pretty positive I tore it. Every time it felt just like the first time I did it. Oddly enough it always happened when I taught the special needs class. I didn’t tell anyone because I wanted to still be able to go on my mission.

Friday September 23rd

Today was ok we did service, we helped move rocks it was hard on my knee. My knee is kind of in constant pain, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it to dinner 🍴 today. I was dying, my knee pops a lot when I’m riding my bike 🚲 and just feels super weak. I also crashed my bike.

Saturday September 24th

Today we went on exchanges I crashed my bike flew off and landed on my wrist and on my knee. I just kind of laid on the ground for a minute. I also found an iPod 📱 today, it is so definitely destroyed.

Sunday September 25th

Well today it was the wettest and coldest day so far. First I found out water 💦 proof shoes are great 👍🏼 till the water 💦 is higher than the tops of your shoe when you are on your bike 🚲. Then your shoes become water 💦 shoes. haha. That moment at the bottom of each pedal your feet are under water 🌊 I was soaked for dinner they gave us towels so we could dry off. Then I crashed my bike twice today hahah.

I Believe I Can Fly ( San Antonio, Texas Week 11)

Week Eight In Texas


Elder Jaden Thompson and his Companion Elder Wesche with Sister and Elder Schorr. They are from Jadens ward in Star, and ended up in the same mission.

Monday September 12th

We went to the mall I got dress slacks that are skinny fit hahaha they are so much more comfortable. I also got a brown belt so I can wear my brown shoes to zone conference tomorrow. I also found out why we never see hobos it’s because it’s apparently illegal to be homeless in San Antonio so if they find you being a hobo they deport you to Austin hahaha😂😂😂😂

Tuesday September 13th

Today we had zone conference so that took up till 2 we learned all about the power of prayer in conversion. Also today I adjusted something on my bike it’s working more normal now.

Wednesday September 14th

Today we helped brother Auble with the chicken coop. Then we had dinner with the Davis’s. Then had a lesson with the Oberst. Then went to some less actives gave me and my companion a demonic looking nativity set hahaha. So we hid them all over the other elder’s room hahaha.






Thursday September 15th

Today I have been really sick. I was laying around all day during planning. Also my knee has started hurting recently, it hurts to stand for long periods of time. I think 15-20miles a day on my bike is too much.

Friday September 16th

Today the moving elders took my bike to the shop. I get to use the backup bike in the apartment, well the rear brakes are broken on that bike. So I have learned very quickly how to use the front break without me ejecting from my bike. I did fly off once and came close to a second haha.

Saturday September 17th

Today was good we visited some part member families, they are coming to church tomorrow. I’m going to have one of the people in my ward look at my leg tomorrow at church.

Sunday September 18th

Well today I had a doctor that is in my ward look at my knee and well he thinks my ACL is torn, so I told the mission nurse and she is trying to get approval for me to go to a doctor so we shall see.

Note: Jaden saw an Orthopedic Surgeon on September 22, 2016, his ACL is torn and they are scheduling an MRI.

Mission Things(San Antonio, Week 10)

Week seven in Texas


Monday September 5th
Not much happened we ran out of time to go to the mall today. Transfers are tomorrow and one of the other elders are leaving tomorrow.

Tuesday September 6th
Today was a good day we did get rained on a bit though but not too bad. I met a heroin addict💉 she was interesting she gave me a head lamp hahaha. She had been living out of her truck. We told her about the ARP program the church has. She said she would look in to it so that’s good. At one point we saw all these weird people today, my companion said why does there have to be people weirder than us haha.

Wednesday September 7th
Today we are pretty sure this guy tried to poison or drug us he was just too nice and just agreed with everything we said. He gave us some homemade food as well as water bottles that had the seal broken so we took them but didn’t drink them. We tried to call him to set up a lesson but he gave us an wrong number so yeah today was interesting 🤔

Thursday September 8th
Well today we had weekly planning it was also my companion’s birthday. We had dinner at the Aubles they are a super cool family in our ward. We are helping them with the chicken coop/run when brother Aubles has time. I would love to visit them when I come back after my mission. Well, they made us cake. You know I used to not like chocolate at all but I’ve had to eat so many chocolate desserts that I actually enjoy kinda enjoy it hahahaha 😂


Friday September 9th
Today was great our plans feel through, but as we were about you grab our bikes I looked over behind these apartments. It is where people park their vehicles and I saw this guy working on his Kawasaki Ninja. I was like to my companion; I wonder if he needs help so we went over. I asked if we could help he said he was ok so I started asking him what was wrong with it. We started discussing what it could be then he asks if we were on those mission things and then we told him about the restoration of the gospel. That we receive modern day revelation from a prophet. He thought it was really cool he liked what we were saying and we left him with a Book of Mormon. We may be teaching him tomorrow as well. But after we told him all of these things he asked if we wanted water hahaha so I said I’ll take some if you let us help you. So we worked on putting it back together. I looked at my companion; he like mouths we have to go. So in my defense I had thought we had only been talking to him for like 30mins maybe 45mins at most. When we finally leave I ask my companion how long we were there he said 1hour and 30mins. I thought there was no way but sure enough we were hahaha. He also had some crazy stories about bike crashes. 🏍

Saturday September 10th
We are so excited, so when I first came in to the area we started teaching a part member family the husband James Oberst was a member his wife is not. She had been taught on and off for a while and today we committed her to be baptized. It was super cool they are probably my most favorite people that we teach. They are always so nice they give us water or Gatorade every time hahaha. But we were so excited for them!

Sunday September 11th
We had a great day this lady from China wandered in to church the bishop’s wife introduced us. We taught the restoration to the lady her name was Ying Ying. She had poor English so the bishop’s wife was translating for us. She is going back to China for 2 months, but when she gets back she really wants to learn more from us. It would be really cool. We may be able to meet with her once more before she leaves, she was really nice. Maybe we could, if she would like to do lessons over Skype but we don’t know if China has Skype aloud.

Notes from Jaden:

We went to the mall today, it was fun. I bought a pair of slacks that are slim fit, a t shirt, and a belt. My side is doing good. It still hurts every once in a while but not too bad. I have not fixed my bike yet. We live too far from the shop to take it in ourselves. So the moving elders are going to pick it up when the have time. My bike works well enough to get me around right now. I am doing great and having fun. The baptism is October 15, 2016.


Making Tortillia’s


Making Tortillia’s