TSAM Ring (San Antonio, Texas Week 13)

Week Ten In Texas


Monday September 26thjaden-week13-photo1 jaden-week13-photo2 jaden-week13-photo3

We did Service at the Ronald McDonald House.

Well I bet you already know what I’m going to type next hahaha yeah that’s right I crashed my bike 🚲. So it’s kind of sad I have crashed more than the other three elders combined hahaha. It does now hurt to straighten my right arm and then I almost got hit by a car 🚗 that is number 3, ah 3times I’ve almost been hit and all weren’t my fault haha. I am at A totally of 11 bike crashes😂🚲

Tuesday September 27th

Today I didn’t crash but I did get my bike back today I also found a smartphone that had been in a puddle hahaha.

Wednesday September 28th

Today we were sitting around at lunch and I told one of the elders that I would buy him a ring for our mission (TSAM ring) but first he had to eat all of the terrible flavored jelly beans he said yes. But after many dead fish 🐟 flavored jelly beans he was throwing up in the toilet, then he came back and finished off the remaining 9 jelly beans. We had a ton of fun watching hahah.



Thursday September 29th

I am really sick 😷 today I can’t remember what happened today.

Friday September 30th

We did weekly planning today and not much else happened.

Saturday October 1st

Today we were at the church all day. We ordered pizza. We were in charge of the broadcast of general conference at the stake.

Sunday October 2nd

Today we were at the church all day we were in charge of the broadcast again. We had lunch at the church, we found two roaches in the kitchen so I threw one a way and hit the other one out the door 🚪


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