My New Area (San Antonio, Texas Week 15)

Week 12

Thursday January 12, 2017


Jaden’s new companions Elder Webb and Elder Jacobs       

So today we got to our new area and we are in the area that is the farthest north in the mission. We have the biggest house in the mission; it’s a three bedroom two bathrooms and we are walking distance from a lake that the elders go fishing at sometimes. Today was a good day we taught some new people and they were great. The people up here are really funny hahahaha.



Jaden’s new home


Jaden’s home overlooking the  Colorado River.


The dock by Jaden’s house.


Friday January 13, 2017
Well today was interesting we did service and that was great. We raked leaves
🍃 for a member, they even fed us lunch it was great 👍🏼. Then we went and visited some nice old people. The husband was on hospice he wasn’t supposed to make it through last night, so he doesn’t have much time. After that we went to dinner and well we got lost. None of our maps were working  hahaha. We had to call the member and ask for directions hahaha. Then after dinner they pulled out a bass and guitar 🎸 and played us music hahaha. It was great, they were super old and sweet. They gave us eggs and a toaster oven. Then we started to drive to our next appointment, but we got lost and ended up 40 miles in the wrong direction. We were an hour late to our appointment but they were still grateful to have us.

Saturday January 14, 2017
Today we did service and we helped an man in our ward that’s less active make sausage hahaha, like the whole process. it was really interesting to learn hahaha. He thought I knew what I was doing hahaha. I guess I’m just really good at guessing and lookin like I know what I’m doing hahaha.  They gave us sausages to take home as well as 18 eggs.




Notes from Jaden:

At the airport I was stopped because of my tin of colored pencils haha, but they let me keep them.

The area is super cool, we are in the middle of nowhere.

We have a car, and 1625 miles that we can go.

We are hoping to go fishing for pday today.

Thanks I love y’all I’ll talk to you next week
A church that our church rents for the Branch.



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