There Is a Disturbance In the Force

Week 23


We played pool with a member of our ward.


Service at sister Shannon’s cleaning out the garden area.

Quote of the day “if any man be worth to pick up this hammer let him possess the power of Thor”.

We got workout equipment from a member during service.

I promise I am a good cook!

We caught 13 Crappie. 


Exchanges because of MLC

Elder McCoy and I fished with the casting net for exercise time. We caught two fish and had them for lunch. We had some great service that we got to do with different people. Then we had 2 dinners that night because it was kind of a last-minute thing having exchanges.


Elder Webb and I got pulled over it was elder Webb’s first time ever being pulled over we were told we have to get a Texas driver’s license if we are living here more than thirty days.


We watched conference with the Ratliff’s and then with the Richards along with Linda she really enjoyed it too.


We watched conference with the Richards and then we played the Oregon trail they are the sweetest we really feel like they are our family sister Richards said she would adopt us and keep us there forever if she could, she told us we could call her grandma.

Our PDay also got moved to Wednesday.

Notes from Jaden:

We will find out Wednesday if we are transferred, and the transfer is Thursday.

We got a truck this week, it is a silver Frontier Nissan.

We got pulled over for going 10 over. We got out of the ticket, he said I would imagine the church would be mad if you got a ticket, he said to go the speed limit and he walked away hahahah.

Here are some recipes that Jaden sent home, he said “y’all need to try these.




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