I Tore My ACL…Again (San Antonio, Texas, Week 12)

Week nine in Texas

Monday September 19th

Well today we didn’t have PDay because we are gonna have it on Thursday but today we didn’t really get to talk to anyone we talked to a member that had just gotten back in town. Then we went around to potential investigators with no success, but this morning we did do service and power washed someone’s drive way.

Tuesday September 20th

Today was a really slow day after training and during lunch my companion tried to fix his bike tube. Well I took a nap hahaha, he woke me up an hour later. Saying we have to hurry to Walmart, it will only have enough air till then. So we hurried and sure enough he was out of air when we parked. Then We went in and got a new tube and I thought I would be nice and let him use the co2 pump hahaha. Well after trying to use it we realized the cartridge was not put in hahah. So I flipped it around and started to screw it in. Well I heard the click as it was punctuated and I hurried to screw it in, but I did a little cross threads at the beginning and then all I heard was a loud bang and a white cloud as it shot apart in my hand hahaha. But the threads are fine on the pump.

Wednesday September 21st

Today we were able to set another investigator with a date we had a really cool lesson. He is going to be baptized on October 22ndšŸŽÆ. We did weekly planning so we didn’t have a ton of time today.

Thursday September 22nd

So today we went to the temple it was cool šŸ˜Ž. Then we went to the doctor I found out I have a torn ACL. I believe I tore it like six months ago there were three times at Danik that I was pretty positive I tore it. Every time it felt just like the first time I did it. Oddly enough it always happened when I taught the special needs class. I didnā€™t tell anyone because I wanted to still be able to go on my mission.

Friday September 23rd

Today was ok we did service, we helped move rocks it was hard on my knee. My knee is kind of in constant pain, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it to dinner šŸ“ today. I was dying, my knee pops a lot when I’m riding my bike šŸš² and just feels super weak. I also crashed my bike.

Saturday September 24th

Today we went on exchanges I crashed my bike flew off and landed on my wrist and on my knee. I just kind of laid on the ground for a minute. I also found an iPod šŸ“± today, it is so definitely destroyed.

Sunday September 25th

Well today it was the wettest and coldest day so far. First I found out water šŸ’¦ proof shoes are great šŸ‘šŸ¼ till the water šŸ’¦ is higher than the tops of your shoe when you are on your bike šŸš². Then your shoes become water šŸ’¦ shoes. haha. That moment at the bottom of each pedal your feet are under water šŸŒŠ I was soaked for dinner they gave us towels so we could dry off. Then IĀ crashed my bike twice today hahah.


I Had Faith In My Grip Strength (San Antonio, Texas Week 5)

Jaden Week5 Photo6

Jaden with his two large watermelon, not sure how he got those home on a bike???

Week two in Texas

Monday August 1st
Today was my first pday in the mission we went shopping and boughtĀ food which we were out of hahah we bought 2 watermelon I am startingĀ to think I’m slightlyĀ  Ā  šŸ˜“narcoleptic šŸ˜“when I am sitting down sometimes hahaha I fall asleep in planning and personal study šŸ˜‚

Today we got yelled at for being in a gated community for soliciting hahah butĀ we aren’t soliciting so we ignored her hahahahahahah šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚and just
kept riding.

Tuesday August 2nd
Today was a good day we helped a family move for most of it hahaha butĀ me and one of the elders lifted a piano all on our own and carried it
hahaha it was so heavy. But the people bought us pizza so that was nice.

Then we went and visited some people. Then we went to a ramen I found
it was so good šŸœšŸ‘šŸ¼ā˜ŗļø

Jaden Week4  Photo2

Jaden’s Ramen, he said it was amazing.

Jaden Week4 Photo4

Jaden Week4 Photo3

Jaden Week5 Photo5

Japanese Melon Soda, one Jaden’s favorite.

Wednesday August 3rd
Let’s see oh yeah, yesterday we got bunk beds now we are off the groundĀ now. But I’m afraid I’ll fall off the bed in the night and like die
hahaha. We gave a blessing to some sisters today. We did weekly planning.
So not much happened so we didn’t leave the apartment till afterĀ dinner so we didn’t get to go teach any one really. I also ate A fullĀ habanero pepper.

Thursday August 4th
Today we had a trainer trainee meeting. It was so long but it asĀ interesting. After we went home and tried to figure out what we wereĀ gonna do. We decided to go visit some people near our dinnerĀ appointment haha they didn’t answer. So we went to dinner then. TheyĀ were super nice hahah. We went to the bishops after that because ourĀ appointment after dinner canceled because he got called in to work. So weĀ rescheduled for Saturday. We went by a memberā€™s house after that and itĀ got late so they drove us. But when I went to put on my seat belt IĀ couldn’t find the buckle so I asked the member. He said someone stoleĀ them out of the truck hahaha. So I held the handle on the ceiling, I hadĀ faith in my grip strength and we made it home safely.

Jaden Week5 Photo3

Elder Jaden Thompson and Elder Trenton Day.

Friday August 5th
Today was a great day we went tracting and got yelled and told toĀ go away and never come back, but we kept going haha. We went to someĀ members houses to find referrals but we didn’t get any. But as we wereĀ headed home we got a call to come teach these two kids, that we wereĀ teaching at their grandparents house with the permission of theĀ parents of course. But tonight we committed them to both be baptized soĀ we haveĀ 2 baptisms on the 20th of August!

Saturday August 6th
Something weird happened today. We were riding on our bikes and someoneĀ yelled Hail Satan at us I waved at him hahah. I hadn’t realized what heĀ had said yet hahaha. Then some other guy asked if we want to smoke someĀ weed with him so yeah, today was an interesting day. We went and rodeĀ around looking for people. We locked our bikes to a pole then we triedĀ to talk to someone they weren’t interested haha. So we unlocked ourĀ bikes and rode to where we were gonna lock up until we realized we hadĀ lost the key so we rode up and down the street looking for it. We hadĀ only come a few streets but we looked and looked but it was nowhere. WeĀ had two more keys at the house, but we didn’t want to go back. So we putĀ the bikes at a guyā€™s house that helped my companion when someone stole hisĀ bike. It is quite an epic story haha, I have it written down in my notesĀ haha.

Jaden Week5 Photo1

Notes from Jaden:

Hola we are bowling. I got a haircut from one of the elders. We teach a lot. When we got to the mission we went to the Alamo before we got our companions. My companion is great. Bowling is free for us we will be here for a while. I am not a good bowler. I am having so much fun. I am good friends with Elder Trenton Day, he is from Utah. Try and find an Elder Stewart from my mission he is Spanish speaking but I donā€™t know his first name. I met him while we were traveling.

Ok well I got to go,

Love Jaden