I’m Coming Home (San Antonio, Texas Week 14)

Week eleven in Texas 

Monday October 3rd

Today we started by going to the doctors. Then off to the store. I was in charge of looking up times for the bus. While we were at the store I found one on google maps we had 40minutes till we had to be at the stop, so we hurried home and cleaned the whole house in like 10 minutes. We ran and got in the truck and drove down the street to the stop. We made it there parked, ran to the bus stop, called the number to see if we had missed the bus. It said the next bus wouldn’t be there for an hour, but as we started to walk we saw the bus it was late hahaha. We got on and I think the bus driver knew we were lost from the beginning, as we sat down we continued driving down the road we noticed every one paid when they got on but we never paid. When we asked him when we were about to get off he gave us bus passes for our next bus for free and told us to hurry over to the other side of the bus depot to get on the next bus that would take us to the market. We almost got lost a few times today but we somehow found our way. At the end of our PDay we had to figure out how to get home, we were walking we saw the bus we had just missed it. I look at it, I’m like there is a stop on the other side of the market. So we ran to the bus stop thinking we had missed it. We start looking up busses but a bus came and we got on it and hoped it was going where we needed to go, luckily it did we made it home in time.

Tuesday October 4th 

I got two ties to day for some other elder that was on exchanges. One of them he made from women’s yoga pants he got at a Good Will, so I have a spandex tie hahaha. I also got a penguin tie it’s a brand of tie.

Wednesday October 5th

Well today I crashed my bike, I was wearing my suit haha. I rolled across my bike and tumbled and I killed my front wheel. My bike wheel is bent it wobbles so bad we are getting it replaced tomorrow.

Thursday October 6th

Today was good we had dinner with a member and we brought an investigator with us that was their neighbor. He also is one of the people with a baptismal date.

Friday October 7th 

Well today we found out I am going home on Monday. We also didn’t have anyone for dinner between the four of us elders. So since no members signed up, I said dinner was on me kinda joking but not really because I would be home before PDay so I couldn’t help with the groceries so I paid for us to go to a sushi restaurant. Well we bought 5 rolls of sushi and we got free miso and salad I also bought mochi ice cream for the four of us hahaha. Well in the end our dinner was kinda expensive, but it was really good hahaha it was 73$.

Saturday October 8th

Well today I had two flat tires on my bike I got them fixed though.

Sunday October 9th

Well today was my first day wearing my leg brace at church. People were all asking questions hahah. But only 3 found out I was going home tomorrow hahaha. If they didn’t ask if I was leaving soon I didn’t tell them hahaha. My companion is now companions with the zone leaders. I got pictures with all of them tonight at dinner. We had it with the Yenchik’s they are super nice. Sister Yenchik really reminds me of someone I know but haven’t figured out who yet. Well they found out I was going home and they called dinner the last supper hahaha.  On our way, back to our apartment I of course crashed my bike hahaha. Then after I got up and started riding I almost got hit by a car again.

This makes a total of almost being hit by a car 5 times and crashing 13 times


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