I Believe I Can Fly ( San Antonio, Texas Week 11)

Week Eight In Texas


Elder Jaden Thompson and his Companion Elder Wesche with Sister and Elder Schorr. They are from Jadens ward in Star, and ended up in the same mission.

Monday September 12th

We went to the mall I got dress slacks that are skinny fit hahaha they are so much more comfortable. I also got a brown belt so I can wear my brown shoes to zone conference tomorrow. I also found out why we never see hobos it’s because it’s apparently illegal to be homeless in San Antonio so if they find you being a hobo they deport you to Austin hahaha😂😂😂😂

Tuesday September 13th

Today we had zone conference so that took up till 2 we learned all about the power of prayer in conversion. Also today I adjusted something on my bike it’s working more normal now.

Wednesday September 14th

Today we helped brother Auble with the chicken coop. Then we had dinner with the Davis’s. Then had a lesson with the Oberst. Then went to some less actives gave me and my companion a demonic looking nativity set hahaha. So we hid them all over the other elder’s room hahaha.






Thursday September 15th

Today I have been really sick. I was laying around all day during planning. Also my knee has started hurting recently, it hurts to stand for long periods of time. I think 15-20miles a day on my bike is too much.

Friday September 16th

Today the moving elders took my bike to the shop. I get to use the backup bike in the apartment, well the rear brakes are broken on that bike. So I have learned very quickly how to use the front break without me ejecting from my bike. I did fly off once and came close to a second haha.

Saturday September 17th

Today was good we visited some part member families, they are coming to church tomorrow. I’m going to have one of the people in my ward look at my leg tomorrow at church.

Sunday September 18th

Well today I had a doctor that is in my ward look at my knee and well he thinks my ACL is torn, so I told the mission nurse and she is trying to get approval for me to go to a doctor so we shall see.

Note: Jaden saw an Orthopedic Surgeon on September 22, 2016, his ACL is torn and they are scheduling an MRI.


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