Mission Things(San Antonio, Week 10)

Week seven in Texas


Monday September 5th
Not much happened we ran out of time to go to the mall today. Transfers are tomorrow and one of the other elders are leaving tomorrow.

Tuesday September 6th
Today was a good day we did get rained on a bit though but not too bad. I met a heroin addict💉 she was interesting she gave me a head lamp hahaha. She had been living out of her truck. We told her about the ARP program the church has. She said she would look in to it so that’s good. At one point we saw all these weird people today, my companion said why does there have to be people weirder than us haha.

Wednesday September 7th
Today we are pretty sure this guy tried to poison or drug us he was just too nice and just agreed with everything we said. He gave us some homemade food as well as water bottles that had the seal broken so we took them but didn’t drink them. We tried to call him to set up a lesson but he gave us an wrong number so yeah today was interesting 🤔

Thursday September 8th
Well today we had weekly planning it was also my companion’s birthday. We had dinner at the Aubles they are a super cool family in our ward. We are helping them with the chicken coop/run when brother Aubles has time. I would love to visit them when I come back after my mission. Well, they made us cake. You know I used to not like chocolate at all but I’ve had to eat so many chocolate desserts that I actually enjoy kinda enjoy it hahahaha 😂


Friday September 9th
Today was great our plans feel through, but as we were about you grab our bikes I looked over behind these apartments. It is where people park their vehicles and I saw this guy working on his Kawasaki Ninja. I was like to my companion; I wonder if he needs help so we went over. I asked if we could help he said he was ok so I started asking him what was wrong with it. We started discussing what it could be then he asks if we were on those mission things and then we told him about the restoration of the gospel. That we receive modern day revelation from a prophet. He thought it was really cool he liked what we were saying and we left him with a Book of Mormon. We may be teaching him tomorrow as well. But after we told him all of these things he asked if we wanted water hahaha so I said I’ll take some if you let us help you. So we worked on putting it back together. I looked at my companion; he like mouths we have to go. So in my defense I had thought we had only been talking to him for like 30mins maybe 45mins at most. When we finally leave I ask my companion how long we were there he said 1hour and 30mins. I thought there was no way but sure enough we were hahaha. He also had some crazy stories about bike crashes. 🏍

Saturday September 10th
We are so excited, so when I first came in to the area we started teaching a part member family the husband James Oberst was a member his wife is not. She had been taught on and off for a while and today we committed her to be baptized. It was super cool they are probably my most favorite people that we teach. They are always so nice they give us water or Gatorade every time hahaha. But we were so excited for them!

Sunday September 11th
We had a great day this lady from China wandered in to church the bishop’s wife introduced us. We taught the restoration to the lady her name was Ying Ying. She had poor English so the bishop’s wife was translating for us. She is going back to China for 2 months, but when she gets back she really wants to learn more from us. It would be really cool. We may be able to meet with her once more before she leaves, she was really nice. Maybe we could, if she would like to do lessons over Skype but we don’t know if China has Skype aloud.

Notes from Jaden:

We went to the mall today, it was fun. I bought a pair of slacks that are slim fit, a t shirt, and a belt. My side is doing good. It still hurts every once in a while but not too bad. I have not fixed my bike yet. We live too far from the shop to take it in ourselves. So the moving elders are going to pick it up when the have time. My bike works well enough to get me around right now. I am doing great and having fun. The baptism is October 15, 2016.


Making Tortillia’s


Making Tortillia’s


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