I Have Some Sewing Work To Do (San Antonio, Texas Week 9)

Week six in Texas


Monday August 29th
Today was PDay it was kinda boring because we don’t have any miles but we did talk to this guy that was a police officer that worked at a mental institution. He had some interesting stories about devil worshipers trying to kill him.

Tuesday August 30th
Well today we were riding our bikes through a gated community.Well we sneak in gates after a car. While we were riding really fast to make it through this gate it was closing. There was like 4 feet left as I zoomed though the gate hit the curb and rolled in the dirt well it was almost cool hahah 😂

Wednesday August 31th
Today we had Exchanges I was with Elder Patiño he is one of our zone leaders. It was a great day,I didn’t crash. I got some packages, then we gave a blessing at University Hospital.


The Aftermath of Opening Packages

Thursday September 1st
Today we were at the church doing family history all day. Then we we went to get our bikes to leave, but someone had taken our helmets. So we looked around and found them in the lowest branch of the tree. I think someone was trying to be helpful so they wouldn’t be stolen or anything.


Friday September 2nd
Well today was great we talked to an old lady and she talked like the sloth from zootopia  haha. On the way home from that it was like 8:30 and we were taking a short cut like we do every day haha. It was dark this time though, I had my head light on but by the time I saw the tire track ruts in the rock hard mud it was too late. I tried to go over it but i was thrown in to a pile of weeds, flat on my back trying to figure out why I was looking at the stars hahah. Well it doesn’t end there hahaha. Well we were almost home and we were crossing the five lane road and we hopped our bikes on to the side walk and at this
point my bike derailleur was eaten by my 3rd gear and my petals stopped turning. Well we go it kinda working ,we are gonna take it to the bike shop on Tuesday.

Saturday September 3rd
Well today so we got asked to go to McDonald’s for breakfast to meet this guy at 7am. So we went, we are waiting for him we were hoping he would buy us food but he didn’t. When he got there immediately I was kind creeped out by him. He would just stare at us,it’s kinda hard to describe. When he walked in he brought his bibles we were disappointed because that means he wants to bash. He basically condemned us and said
we were enemies of God so that was a very interesting experience hahaha. Later that day I had to ride my bike I can’t use 3rd gear the chain won’t go on to the gear so I was riding in second I normally ride in 3rd all day so I don’t have to worry about my pant leg being
eaten . Well lets just say I have some sewing work to do. I may just buy a new pair at h&m they had a pair I liked they were a slim fit so they sounded better because they are also microfiber so they dry quicker. Also I have never been so sore after riding a bike it’s a weird soreness because it only hut when I am on the bike seat hahaha.


I Ripped My Pants

Sunday September 4th
Today we gave a blessing to a member of the ward, we also dropped some people as well. Nothing really funny happened. I found some car keys for a ford, nobody was missing any keys we told them to call if anyone came asking so we kept them.

Notes From Jaden:Hey we are going to the mall again today for pday. My side is still hurting occasionally. We are planning on going to H&M, and Ross. So I may not be able to email as much today. So I’m doing great. I would love to get some Japanese Minty Eye Drops. Also did you buy the Japanese mints? I have been waiting for them. Also I bought and electric pad thingy for your muscles. We are doing great, hopefully I’ll be able to talk to you more than just this but if not I love y’all.


Extra Large Miracle Whip My Parents Sent Me.



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