The Baptism Was super Cool (San Antonio, Texas Week 8)



Pday at the genealogy library.


Week five in Texas

Monday August 22nd
Today was PDay we are getting low on money haha we have 97$ between the four of us and one more Monday this month hahah. All of our lessons cancelled so we decided to go down streets were we hadn’t gone. In the end we met a bunch of really nice people handed out 4 Book of Mormons and got 6 phone numbers to set up return appointments.

Tuesday August 23rd
Today was a good day all we did was service and and go out to eat with a member.



Wednesday August 24th
Well the power went out so we have no way to make food. It keeps coming on every once and a while so we caught it while it was on. We had district meeting today as well, then we had service. We are helping them build a chicken coop.

Thursday August 25th
Time is going by so quickly hahaha this morning in study I had to stand up to try to stay a wake. But I managed to fall asleep and hit the ground hahaha. We had a bunch of great lessons today. One was with the kids that are being baptized and they asked my companion and I to do there confirmations. I am nervous for it hahaha because we do it in sacrament meeting because they are converts. It’s the first time he has done this as well haha.

Friday August 26th
Today my side started hurting it kinda worried me because it is close to my appendix. I think I’m going to wait to see if it keeps hurting .If it does I’ll go to the doctor so we shall see.

Saturday August 27th
It hurt a little bit today but other than that my side is feeling better. Our baptism was super cool the rest of their families showed up they were really nice too.



Sunday August 28th

So I got to confirm Camyrn today in church it was really cool. I’ve also been doing family history. I found I am related to the Greek gods and to the Norse gods and so many Julius Cesar. So it’s all pretty interesting.

Notes From Jaden:

Transfers are on September 6th. The other three missionary’s and I buy our food together, but it seems like we never have food haha. I’m not always starving. I did convince them to get lunch meet this week. We eat Ramen, Eggs, and Fruit. There are a lot of mosquitoes. I have bug spray but I always forget it. We get to go to the temple twice during our mission.


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