When you Pedal and Your Feet Go Underwater ( San Antonio, Texas Week 7)


Week four in Texas
Monday August 15th


Today was good we went to the mall I got some sweet shoes. The brown wingtip shoes were $50, thought it was a great deal. We went to Chuy’s for lunch it was Tex Mex food, it was really good! Then we played pool.




Brown Wingtip Shoes


Shoes I bought from H&M that are like the ones I bought in Japan.

Tuesday  August 16th
Today was a very wet day haha I may have fallen in a puddle then into the mud on my back I wore my waterproof shoes.  Well they also keep water in really well when you peddle and your feet go under water hahaha it was also thunder-storming.

Wednesday August 17th
Today we had a zone training meeting after we went to Taco Bell. We had to skip dinner tonight we didn’t have Time. I am so hungry hahah. We knocked on a door today, the guy walked out and said look at the sign. There was a no socliting sign, then shut the door. Then we taught a family, then helped some lost Chinese people hahah they were playing Pokemon go hahah.


Zone Meeting

Thursday August 18th
Time is going by so fast hahaha.  Today it rained on us us but I forgot a jacket hahahha. But we went to a investigators house they were super cool. We had weekly planning today so we didn’t do much today hahahaha. I did do some family history I found all the way back to Adam and Eve, 😊so that was super cool.




Friday August 19th
Today we had service so it was at the Ronald McDonald house it was pretty fun. The baptism is a week away I got my fit bit today. We had dinner with a part member family hahah they are my favorite family they are really funny.To give you an idea how far we ride Between 50-75 miles a week.

Saturday August 20th
Today we went to a member baptism that was pretty fun. After we went to talk to people but nobody answered so we went to dinner. We may have a new person to visit. I was so tired today hahaha my pillow makes it hard to sleep but once I’m asleep I’m out Haha. I sleep though two alarms every morning. I was told I need a deaf mans alarm, apparently it shakes the bed. That would actually wake me up. We also met a very interesting person named Isaiah. He is starting his own religion and he said that money is God and that he is gonna write a book and use the Book of Mormon and the bible to help him write it hahahah 😂

Sunday August 21st
Today was stake conference it was pretty cool. Later in the day we met this one guy he was pretty cool. He had been to the city prison 2 times and the state penitentiary 4 times.  One time for murder, but he is now turning his life around also he has a crazy neighbor hahaha. He was so completely random but he was so drunk hahaha drunk people are very entertaining to talk to. Some times he tried to give us spaghetti but we had no way to take it home with us, so he gave it to the neighbor’s friends hahah. We talked about God with him. He wanted to prove that God didn’t exist. So he wanted to smash his head into the window, he said if God was real that he would stop him. We had to tell him that we have our agency to choose hahahahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


The back of Jaden’s Missionary name tag.


We Played Pool on Pday.


Jadens Bike Mount for his iPad.


My Dishwasher is Sick.





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