The Streets Turned Into Rivers (San Antonio, Texas Week 6)

Jaden Week6 Photo2

Week three in Texas

Monday August 8th

Today was a good PDay .We had to clean our apartment also if we leave the area we ask my companion because he is district leader. If we need to leave the zone we ask our roommates which are the zone leaders hahahaha so it’s nice we all use their car to take us to meetings and to the store hahah and other activities they drive. Of course we went bowling today I had a bad score but there was a speedometer one of my bowling balls his 25mph hahaha.

Jaden Week6 Photo12

Tuesday August 9th

Today was great I did so much service today. We started building a desk, we are gong back to finish because we were there till dinner then we met people that wanted to convert us hahah.

Jaden Week6 Photo9

Wednesday August 10th

Today we did district meeting so we didn’t do to many teaching appointments. We also did weekly planing, so we made two visits today, we went to a recent convert. Then also we talked with a less active then we got
him to commit to stop smoking, and he has a goal to be married in the temple.

Thursday August 11th

Today we went and did more service. I built a desk well my companion worked on the weeds. We had to skip dinner because our appointments were all over. We ate at 9:30.
I hit 30mph today on flat hahaha also today a lady hide behind a tree and watered her lawn from behind the tree hahahaha.

Jaden Week6 Photo8

Jaden Week6 Photo5

Jaden Week6 Photo7
Friday August 12th

Today I got in my first bike wreck hahah everything on my bike is fine except for my headlight but thanks to my parkour skills I don’t have a scratch ahaha so here is the story;
So we were riding our bikes just came up the biggest hill in our area. We started going down the other side my speedometer said 25mph! I was super close to my companion so I decided to slow down but when I went to break I used the wrong break and I departed from my bike over the handle bars hahaha. I rolled out of it some how hahaha! Then my bike tumbled off. My light got broke but other than that my bike is great haha. It doesn’t have a scratch that I have found so that’s good hahahaha.

Saturday August 13th

Well I crashed again. We were going to jump on to the side walk but there was a gap that I didn’t see and It caught my wheel and down I went but I’m ok and my bike and iPad are too. Hopefully I don’t crash tomorrow haha that would be three days in a row 😂

Jaden Week6 Photo13

Sunday August 14th

So today I didn’t Crash it was close a few times hahah but that was because it rained. My iPad case was awesome it kept out all the water 💦so yay😊 I was so wet on my pants tho hahaha. My shirt was dry because of my jacket and the streets literally turned in to a river 🌊🌊🌊hahaha. This was happening on our 40minute ride up and down hills on our way to dinner hahaha Jaden Week6 Photo6

I see deer almost every day it reminds me of Japan and Nara. I tried to pet one but it didn’t work.

Jaden Week6 Photo10Jaden Week6 Photo11

Jaden Week6 Photo3



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