My Bike Is Amazing (San Antonio, Texas Week 4)

Jaden Week4 Photo1

Week one in Texas

Thursday 28th of July
So I got my companion his name is Elder Wesche he is super cool haha.
My bike is amazing 🚴🏽and I’m loving this iPad hahaha! Today we were
about to leave the apartment when it started to rain I used the new
coat it was amazing but as we rode the rain came down super hard we
were on our way to our dinner appointment when it started to rain
super hard and the roads turned to rivers hahaha. So we were soaked we
called a member to pick us up because we were gonna be late hahaha. But
dinner was amazing hahah we had a few stops after dinner one was a
appointment the rest we invited to a baptism that is this Saturday so
over all today was a great day!

Friday 29th of July
Today was a great day we got to go to district meeting and then we
rode around then taught a lesson to one of our investigators so that
went well. We are hoping he can keep his commitment to read Book of
Mormon. Then we went to dinner the food was good. Then we tried to go
talk to some potential investigators but they didn’t answer so we
knocked on random doors and we taught some one for a whole hour. One of the people we taught was Johnryan Maas he plans on going to the
olympics he is in the           Junior Olympics this year for
sprinting hahahah. Then we found some construction workers they all want to hear our message then the boss told us to stop by any time and
teach his workers and him hahaha👌

Saturday 30th of July

Today was interesting we ran in to some nondenominational church goers. We asked them if they had heard of us they said that we were a cult and that we didn’t need to follow commandments to me save but rather just believe in Christ and we would be saved then she prayed for us to have the blessing of the blood of Christ on us then her dad that’s
like 60-70 spoke up so we asked him if he had read the Book of Mormon
he said no I don’t want to go to church.  Then he said that we go to a
church made of man so we asked where he went he said the corner stone
church we wanted to ask him who made his church because we know the
answer hahah it was one of the wards bishops brother hahahahahahah
lol😂😂😂😂. Then we went to our lesson it went great but we
were there for a hour and a half teaching and talking hahaha we were
late to dinner, but it was pizza. A member ordered and sends to our house we had five minutes to make it back and we were across town haha. So we rode as fast as could haha it took us 17minutes to do that but we got our food. In the end so that was good then we went to a baptism and that was really cool it was some one the missionary’s had been working with for a while.Jaden Week4 Photo2

Notes From Jaden:

I think we are in a safe area it is called Parkwood, Texas. There are four Elders living in our apartment. Next door is the sister missionary’s hahaha we have a pool we can’t use but there is a gym and wifi. We lock our bikes up so they won’t get stolen. My companion Elder Wesche is from Farmington, Utah and has been serving for 13 months.

We already went shopping today and there is no Winco L.I have eaten lots of BBQ at members homes.

My companion has been in this area for 6 months.Our beds are all in the living room, our study stuff is in the bedroom. Our house isn’t in our mission area. We had a roach in our apartment he was playing dead but we saw through his plan. We threw him out.

Today for pday we may go play ping pong in the institute room. I had forgotten what my bike looked like when I got here. I bought lots of watermelon at the store. My companion and I get along great. The ward here is a quarter of the size of our Star ward. My church is at 11 am.


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