Jaden MTC Week 3


Elder Jaden Thompson and Sister Ali Snooks.

Hey What’s up Fam!

I’m doing great hahaha, I’m tired though. I still can’t English, so that’s the same. My desk is full of boxes; can you send me a Space Pen? I leave the MTC at 4:50 am, and my flight is at 9:55 am. I should be able to call home from the airport. Hey I just saw Ward Shimai (Aubree’s trainer from her mission to Japan). Ward Shimai works in research and evaluation. We will be going to the temple today. I am going to go to the store here and see if they have a backpack I can use as an overnight bag. I am so excited to go to Texas!!! Send me some pictures of the Road Rally, I can check my email, but I can only respond on pday. A guy from our residence is going to make a video that I will send you to edit, and put on youtube for us. It will be great; I will be the main singer. Haha it is a parody of the Pokémon theme song but about missionary work. A missionary I am friend’s with at the MTC is Trenton Day, he is going to San Antonio as well. This is the first verse to our parody.

We want to be the very best that god know we can be

To find them is our real plan to teach them is our cause

Missionary’s we will travel across the land searching far and wide

To help seeker understand the holy ghost inside

Ok so you know the pamphlets, Well I was using a pamphlet to teach and hahah well I pulled out the wrong pamphlet for the lesson but I didn’t look at it well. I taught till the end that was when I realized the I had the plan of salvation pamphlet instead of the restoration.

Jaden MTC Week3

Jaden and Ward Shimai.

The food oh my gosh, they had chicken cordon blue it was so good I had 4 of them. I haven’t gained any weight at all hahahah.

Sister Ward and I looked at each other then we were like wait Sister Ward Elder Thompson I said Aubree hahah then we just talked hahaha

alright well I have to go send lots of pictures love ya’ll




Missionary’s going to San Antonio, Texas.



Elder Thompson at the Provo Temple.



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