Jaden MTC Week 2

Hey can you send me a blanket?

They don’t sell them here.

My week was great I have taught some lessons to our TRC instigators. My lessons have been going well. Our teacher asked who Ammons best friend was hahahaha then Elder Rugg yelled his sword and waved his pencil around like a sword.

Hey so did you get my second letter? I have been doing lots of learning. I’ve been having a hard time sleeping because it is really cold at night. I get along just fine with my companion, oh and I have to go get shots today.

So how many Pokémon have you caught?

I got the cupcakes that you sent me, they were amazing they were from a winner of cupcake wars!

It’s a ton of fun I enjoy it here.

I wish I was leaving for Texas this Tuesday.

Happy Birthday Daddy.

Jaden MTC Week2

Someone at the MTC texted me (Jadens Mom) a photo. I was so thankful.


Jaden and his roommates broke a bouncy ball playing dodge ball in their room.


Elder Day


Elder Day


Jaden’s district from the MTC. Three are going to San Antonio, Texas with Jaden and the other eight are going Scottsdale, Arizona.


Jaden on Pday (Friday) coming back from exercising.


Elder Day




Angel Moroni


Going to the Temple.

CIG_IMG032CIG_IMG033CIG_IMG027CIG_IMG024CIG_IMG029CIG_IMG013CIG_IMG001I’ll be writing letters.

Ok well I got to go,

I love you guys.



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