Week 1 Letters Home

July 11th we received this letter from Jaden in the mail.

So we have teaching investigators and it’s been going very well. Our TRC investigators start tomorrow, so we will see how that goes. I also used Star Wars in a lesson the other day. To teach what faith is I related it to the force hahaha!

We mention Nacho Libre (by the way translates to not your library) like everyday in every class. Like for example “you may not think I give a crap about the gospel but I dooo!




July 12th we received from Jaden in the mail.

Dear Mum,

Can send me a lot of bouncy balls? The last one broke, well I may have stepped on it and crushed it, so oops! Also I love hearing about you playing Pokémon Go, because I want you to. Hurry and send me the magnet pen and the jogger capris, maybe a couple of pairs. So how many Pokémon have you caught? Ashlynn said you guys really like it. I bought a shirt for my mission. Also I have the most colorful socks haha. So my branch does choir. So guess what we all go and now we get to perform backup for Nashville Tribute Band. So that pretty cool! Our choir has a thousand people in it. I have been drinking lots of water so that’s good. I did some handstand pushups the other day in the fitness center haha. We have a lot of fun  hanging out as a district. I hope you send the other things quickly and also more vans socks. The food is pretty good. The other day we had chicken cordon blue and I had three of them and today we had Chick-fil-a and that was really good. Also please send more Air heads, Peanut butter M&M’s, with more Red Starbursts.




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