Jaden MTC Week 1

Hey Today (Friday) is my Pday so I will be able to email you later. Hey so far the MTC is great I am having tons of fun and learning a lot, its been great. We are worried for two elders in our district they have not used the bathroom for three days. We have had them drink so much apple juice. I have an hour to email while I’m at the MTC. I have done a lot of learning, and I have ran into Ali Snooks a couple of times. The food here is pretty good and the people are really nice. The learning is going really good. I do wish I had auto correct for writing emails. Jaden asked us to get a Charmander on the Pokemon Go game that we loaded on his phone 🙂 He wants us to level it up and name it Natsu, I have no idea what that means but I will figure it out. My companions name is Elder Peay, he is from Lehi, Utah. There are ten elders in my district, only four of them are going to the San Antonio, Texas, the others are going to Scottsdale, Arizona. I have eaten a lot, but today we also worked out for two hours and then went for a run because the temple is closed. The temple is closed until next week. I sleep on the top bunk in our room. I would like some cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. My companion and I get a long good. My days have been really busy except for today. Pday lasts until 5, the Branch Presidents wife told us to take a nap since the temple is closed today. After we did the computer orientation we spent the day doing more orientation stuff. Dinner is at 5:45 pm. OK, well I have to go, I love all of you, go catch them all. Jaden MTC Week1 1Jaden MTC Week1 2Jaden MTC Week1 3Jaden MTC Week1 4Jaden MTC Week1 6Jaden MTC Week1


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