So it starts…

Jaden was set apart as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Tuesday July 5th at 6 pm. He received an amazing blessing shared with family. Jaden Left the Boise, Idaho airport on July 6th, 2016 at 9:14 am. He headed to the Provo MTC, to learn and study for his mission to San Antonio, Texas.

Jaden Airport1

Jaden’s family, taken at the airport right before he left.

Jaden Airport2Jaden Airport 3

Our Last View of Jaden.

His Grandparents picked him up at the Salt Lake City Airport, took him out to lunch at Chick Filet, and dropped him off at the MTC.

Jaden MTC1Jaden MTC2Jaden MTC3Jaden MTC4Jaden MTC5Jaden MTC6Jaden MTC7

We received our first emails from Jaden the same day he left, which was a great comfort to his family…it was a tender mercy. Notes from Jaden. Hey I made it, my companion hasn’t shown up yet. Also I don’t know when my pday is yet, but the people that are here are so nice. I hope my companion shows up. We are doing orientation. Don’t worry about me I am having fun!!! I felt like I was famous, there were hundreds of people cheering for me when I arrived at the MTC. I haven’t seen Ali Snooks yet but if I do I will talk to her. I just finished the computer orientation, I am waiting for the others to finish so that we can go back. Love you, I will talk to you next time I get to email.



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