Jaden’s Plane Ride From Boise to Salt Lake City

Jaden MTC Week1 5Jaden told us many things about his plane ride from Boise to Salt Lake City. Jaden said there was a cheating grandma sitting next to him playing Solitaire, Jaden said she had to be cheating because she kept winning in less than five minutes and no one can do that haha.

The person on the other side of him fell asleep, so Jaden took the opportunity to take a selfie with him 🙂

There was another missionary on the flight sitting kitty corner from Jaden. During the flight the missionary was drawing on a piece of paper, the man sitting next to him offered him a job in two years when he is done with his mission based on the drawing.

The funniest thing that happened on the flight was when a 13 year old boy got up to use the bathroom right before the flight started to go down for landing. While the boy was in the bathroom the stewardesses did not realize that he was in there. The plane was so small the that when the stewardess put her seat done for landing it covered the bathroom door. So the boy was in the bathroom when the plane landed. Jaden said there was lots of turbulence. In a 45 minute flight, he sure learned a lot.


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